View Full Version : Pit Stop - Tyre Change animations/Damage fixing/busy pits

15-10-2017, 11:36
An irritating feature of the pit stops is that the time it takes to change a tyre, according to the new multi-part timer (which I love by the way, thanks for adding that in), is about twice as long as it takes the crew to visibly change the tyres. Bit of an immersion spoiler.

If you request a pit and there's already a car in your box, it doesn't tell you that until you're past the point of no return. It audibly tells you you'll have to wait in line, but instead of stacking behind just sends you through. So you essential get a drive through penalty and have to do another lap with a wrecked car. Worse still, you have to re-request the pit stop.

Also the type of tyre going on/coming off seems to randomly change whenever the external camera cuts to a different shot.

Lastly, a request, it would be nice if when you roll into the pits with a damaged car it doesn't immediately visibly ping to fixed as soon as it cuts to the pit crew camera. Maybe wait until the timer gets to the damage part, or even better, wait until then and slowly phase the car back to fixed as the timer progresses.

15-10-2017, 12:45
I’ve found being annoyed a couple times with another car in my pit stall. The worst time was a custom Group C race at classic Hockenheim. My car was slightly damaged and it was beginning to rain. I requested to pit however it kept saying my pit box was full. This went on about 4 laps then finally I just pitted anyway. And low and behold nobody was in my pit box. Luckily I had manual control and was able to drive into my pit stall. Irregardless it basically ruined my race with the time I had to stay out on soft tires in the rain. I hope they fix this issue. I can understand maybe being delayed a lap or two by a team car in the pit, but IRL if a car was pitted for much longer they’d most likely just garage it. Especially if a team car needs to pit.