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15-10-2017, 15:55
We're having a bit of trouble with the braking in the game. Even with ABS on, most cars really struggle to handle any braking input and we're left screeching into a corner, even when braking in a straight line miles before you realistically should be. Any tips in terms of tuning the setup to bring the braking systems on the cars up to scratch?

15-10-2017, 15:58
lower brake strenght

Nicho Lucas Dad
15-10-2017, 20:37
I get this aswell, I put it down to cold tyres and brakes. I run a lower/slower steering input resulting in tyres getting colder 4 laps into a race, would there be a chance in the next patch to be able to lower tyre pressures more. This also happened in pcars 1 for me but I could lower tyre pressures more to get higher temperatures.

Atak Kat
16-10-2017, 15:34
I had the same issue, and only yesterday found something that worked much better for me.
I was having a hell of a time with the brakes locking too easy.

I am using the T3AP pro pedals, with the conical brake installed (from factory, the little rubber cone). Not sure what you are using.

I found that when I would calibrate the pedals, the brake would calibrate to 100% far too quickly. Making it so that basically the range of pedal travel was too small. When in game, if you're not super gentle on the pedal, it just goes full brakes and locks up too quickly.

So I recalibrated, but when I pushed the brake I really pushed it hard (WAY harder than I thought I'd ever do in game).
Now, low and behold, when I brake in game it's going to about 70-80%, and wheels are not locking. I have to really push hard to get it to 95-100% (just watching the red brake graph in the HUD).

This has changed everything for me. Much better now. I think that the force we put on the brake when in the game, is much harder than we realize when doing the pedal calibration.

Also, there's a setting for brake linearity. I can't remember my setting exactly, but I moved it so that the brake input at the beginning of the travel gives less braking input, and then only increases at the end of the travel. This way, when you push the brake the first bit, there's not so much brake input to the game.

Maybe your situation is similar. Maybe not. Hope it can help.

16-10-2017, 18:08
Thanks for this, we are getting there, the cars now actually slow down! Barely any lock-ups and much more realistic a driving experience!