View Full Version : AI RS01 is very good (rain and dry)

15-10-2017, 20:38
I love the game :) With Renault Sport 01 :
- AI is very good at thunderstorm and storm or rain at 60%
- With dry/sun, AI is awesome, so hard that i need to play at 15% :)

With all GT3 cars, AI is so easy with rain even if at 120%, i'm always first at the end of first lap :)
Please don't change AI for RS01, i only race with this car now, and maybe try to copy to GT3 or other cars this AI, it's awesome with rain to have AI who can challenge and it's a hard fight until last lap :)

TIPS for Thunderstorm and water puddles : Disable time progression and there will be no more BIG water puddles :)

16-10-2017, 10:57
How is it good if it goes from 15% to 60% and then to 120% difficulty..It's impossible to get it right if you have more than 1 weather slot.

Blaine Jr
16-10-2017, 11:22
You're saying the AI is good yet you are having to adjust the AI by 45% to remain competitive between wet and dry? So you see the issue for us folks that have to have the AI at 100% or higher in the dry right? We don't have that 45% headroom to make them competitive in the wet. Also that's just not reasonable to expect players to have to adjust the AI difficulty depending on conditions like that. And as others have pointed out what happens in longer races where the weather changes?

16-10-2017, 14:01
Yes confusing. I checked this car this morning because of the inconsistency the OP reported. It was an equal challange for me (with current changes here locally) at 85 % both dry and wet, storm. Nothing to see here (at least in the next patch) :)