View Full Version : Is there a Thrustmaster TS-PC profile yet?

That Dude There
16-10-2017, 00:45
Does the TS-PC work properly with PC2? I remember reading that it doesn't for several games, but that was a few months ago. Thanks

Alan Dallas
16-10-2017, 00:54
Use the T300 profile for the TS-PC/T-GT/TX for now. Tune Volume and Tone to taste on the Raw FFB Flavor.

Edit: Also a good idea to be running the 2017_TTRS_5 driver package from Thrustmaster. TTRS_4 has a huge Deadzone in it.

17-10-2017, 13:19
I use the TS-PC it works fine and there and there is a profile look again !!

That Dude There
17-10-2017, 15:53
i have the ts300, but was considering upgrading to a used one. Good to know there is a profile.

Alan Dallas
18-10-2017, 02:34
I use the TS-PC it works fine and there and there is a profile look again !!
Had a second look after deleting my controller files(well, moved to another folder so I could restore them).
For some reason the TS-PC profile won't appear after I setup my TX as a T300 with F1 Advanced Wheel(TX with F1 Advanced does appear at all in any situation).

So anyway, yes there is a TS-PC profile.

Thanks Bigal!!

18-10-2017, 16:04
TS-PC with TS-PC profile, here. Works well. Went back to using Raw FFB after having some difficulty with the Jack Spade files. My wheel started acting a little funky when turned passed 90 degrees. I have none of those problems using Raw.