View Full Version : First turn at indy oval with indycars

16-10-2017, 10:43
Every quick race iíve Tried has the ai cars colliding on the inside of turn 1 at indy. What is causing it, and is it possible to fix?

16-10-2017, 12:46
Regrettably, there is/are not only the bend 1 which raises one problems on this track oval Indianapolis
On 2 straight line, we have the impression very unpleasant that tires do not touch the track.

I have the impression that the car is put on a flying carpet.


I am European, I would like I could discover other disciplines of motor racing which I do not know, as the US races on ovals, but there, with this nevertheless legendary track, in the same way as Le Mans or GP of Monaco, i do not want to drive above and it's a pity.