View Full Version : "Reported for driving standards" - Am I missing something here?

16-10-2017, 11:00
Seems like whenever I run off the road and end up pointing the wrong way I get some message from Race Director about being reported for driving standards..

Regardless of other cars nearby (or even if no-one else has joined), I don't seem to be able to get back on track without this message. I am concerned that this will count against safety rating but cannot work out what the correct way to recover from such a spin is. Surely not retire to pit box every time..?

Always make sure I don't drive in the wrong direction, even on grass, sometimes meaning doing a three point turn to do so..

Anyone know what the criteria for being warned in this way are?

David Semperger
16-10-2017, 13:38
I haven't encountered this yet, but seen it mentioned enough that I too would like to know the exact circumstances in which a driver gets this message.

16-10-2017, 18:18
It seems just a generic message that appears if you spin or go off track. I guess driving standards is a broader term used for overall control of the car and circumstance rather than just for punting someone off.

17-10-2017, 09:24
FIA Appendix L IRL... driving conduit, car control.

Don't quote me but do that often and you can get a penalty.