View Full Version : please take the rally / race filter away :)

16-10-2017, 12:31
i'm a huge rally x fan, and therefore use the filter for rally in the onine lobby menus.

the problem is that because its not as popular atm as normal racing, it rarley has any users in it.

my suggestion would be to either take away the filter all together or add the other diciplines to it. (oval/endurance etc...)

currently it is very difficult to get a RX race because when filtering there are no rooms atall available, so people are reluctant to make a new one in a filtered area where noone really goes.

then should you find a lobby its only got one player in it and usually have to race 1v1.
if these lobbies were always visible, maybe they would fill up more.

preferably just take it away :)

many thanks

24-05-2018, 17:06
I think this is a must, no one playing Rally Cross :(

send me a pm if you wish to help me moderate a facebook group with weekly races etc...

David Slute
24-05-2018, 20:19
Online rally x needs a good update if they hope to draw any interest.

No practice or heats in mp really kills it. You currently have 2 options.....
-Hope someone has a lobby running and you get in beore the session starts or you have to wait.
-2...start your own lobby and wait till enough people join cause once you launch the session it goes straight to a one and done race.

SMS have done an excellent job on the Rally X content but the online needs some working.

PC2 really got me into rally x and really the main reason I purchased the game. Due to the above negatives I've moved onto iracing to get my rallyX fix and to race against others...24/7 practice servers, hourly races in 2 classes, quali and heats.

25-05-2018, 19:29
Project Cars really needs no filters at all, at least on console. So few play that the lobby list would not be huge if you could see race, RX, League rooms and all the full rooms..!

Better 'sort' might be good, though. I'd like to see sort options for single class, multiclass, and default tune.