View Full Version : Career Mode: Community-based strategy guide

16-10-2017, 14:17
Here's something I'll suggest for a community project.

In Career Mode, it would be kind of nice to have a single thread where we can all go to see what's where in any series.

To give you an idea for a possible template (using deliberately non-game content):

Series: Ford Edsel Challenge
Format: Prac 1, Quals 2, Races 2
Grid: Best time in corresponding qualify session (Q1:R1, Q2:R2)
Start: Standing start on grid
Team Points: Only from team's highest finisher
What you're up against: N/A, Single model series

Race 1 (All schedules): Detroit Street Circuit
P1: 10:00-11:00. Conditions: Overcast, to Light Rain at 10:15, to Overcast at 10:30
Q1: 12:00-12:15. Conditions: Mostly Cloudy throughout
Q2: 14:00-14:15. Conditions: Partly Cloudy, to Clear at 14:10
R1: 15:00, Time (20 minutes). Conditions: Hazy, to Overcast at 15:10
R2: 17:00, Distance (15 laps). Conditions: Clear throughout. Crepuscular: Setting sun affects visibility starting ~L5.

Race 2 (Long schedule only): Darlington Speedway...

And so on.

For endurance races, Crepuscular should get a separate line, e.g.:

R1: 15:00, Time (24 hours). Conditions: (blah blah blah) Crepuscular: Setting sun affects visibility ~16:00. Sunset at 18:00; Civil Twilight to 18:30; Nautical Twilight to 19:00; Nightfall at 19:30. First Light, 04:30; Astronomical Twilight to 05:00; Nautical Twilight to 05:30; Sunrise, 06:00. Rising sun affects visibility to ~08:00.

You get the idea.

I'm going to have to leave the execution of this to more active users than myself, unfortunately. But this is a tentative framework; how fast can we fill it in?