View Full Version : Strange setup loading issue - Identical setups perform differently

17-10-2017, 16:37
I've been monitoring this issue for a couple weeks now and it is quite strange. I will try to explain my latest example.


- Online multiplayer, 2 person session
- COTA, 5laps, static time progression
- Porsche 911 GT3 24hr

- Player A - PS4 standard, T300RS
- Player B - PS4 pro, T300RS

1st session
- Player A & B load the exact same setup, same car, same livery
- Player A runs 2:12 laptime
- Player B runs 2:12 laptime
- Session ends

2nd session re-launched from lobby

- Player A can no longer run 2:12, player A max laptime is 2:20 now
- Player B runs 2:12 still

Ok, so player A wonders what the hell is going on after 5-6 laps. Did player A really lose 9 seconds a lap. Player A gets player B to follow him to see whats up with the driving line HOWEVER, what is discovered immediately is that player A has completely different acceleration or drag on the straights. So much so, player A can pull 2-3 seconds per straight away.

We tested this multiple times from side by side stopped positions. We ran from the same spot before the start finish to check speed at the start line.

Player A goes back to the pitbox re-loads the setup. Player B goes back to the pitbox and reloads the setups.

Player A still has no power/acceleration...

3rd Session re-launched from lobby
- Player A & B load the exact same setup, same car, same livery
- Player A can now AGAIN run 2:12
- Player B still is running 2:12

VERY STRANGE. We THINK we have had this issue before regarding bizarre handling characteristics. Like suddenly one player can't keep the car on the track with the same setup. We didn't monitor this real close because we thought probably user error, BUT now I am convinced something is up.

I wonder how this can be investigated further.

18-10-2017, 20:20
I'm experiencing the same thing in career mode, spent hours on setup testing, then when I go race in exactly the same conditions the car handles completely different. Tuned the setup for slight oversteer when I go race it's massively understeering even after reloading the same setup.....strange.

18-10-2017, 22:12
Is it the default setup or a custom one? Is it possible that it's not loading properly your custom setup, and just leaves it at default?
I've had an issue with tire pressure. I've changed it, but it didn't want to load, It took me couple attempts to get it right