View Full Version : Bug or feature? Distracting drop shadow/dithering effect around all cars

17-10-2017, 18:34
I haven't seen this graphical issue posted yet, and can confirm it's unchanged with patch 2.0. In pretty much any track condition there is a sort of thick shadowy outline or aura around the player car. Whether intentional or not, this really sticks out. Some places/times emphasize it more, but it seems to always be present in the daytime. I donít recall any such thing from PC1 either, only the odd temporal AA blurring effect that was present at launch.

Note this is separate from the well-defined directional shadow, as shown below:

That shot might not be the greatest example, since it might like a low-res shadow projected from above. But the effect is very noticeable in motion, especially in open cockpit cars, given that it radiates outward from the car in directions that a shadow would not. It also shifts and grows/shrinks when I move the camera around. Particular areas affected include the side mirrors in cockpit cam, hood and headlights in bonnet cam (see especially the Caterham 7), and the rear wheel wells in chase cam. All of these have a sort of 3-dimensional cloud of dithered fuzz surrounding them, which stands out against the track surface, grass, and track walls.

Just wondering if this is particular to the PS4, and whether it's a rendering bug or somehow a design decision? I also have a video that I can upload if necessary. Thanks.

18-10-2017, 16:21
Are you sure you just haven't got the settings wrong on your tv?

18-10-2017, 20:03
Yea I notice that too.

19-10-2017, 01:39
Are you sure you just haven't got the settings wrong on your tv?

Quite sure, calibrated and everything. To be fair the picture I posted isn't the best, just what I snapped at the time. But anytime you drive the Caterham, you can see this effect around the headlights against any backdrop. Many cars have a huge amount around their wing mirrors too. Or go to a chase cam when the car is stopped and slowly rotate it around to see it appear and disappear all around the edges of the car.

Honestly surprised this hasn't been commented on more.

19-10-2017, 06:20
This is some sort of Ambient Occlusion effect. The picture posted does not represent the problem very well, because it's taken form above and the car is on the road. A much ugly scenario is when driving with rear camera view, and you see the same Effect around the car, over the background of the track. It's like the car has a dark halo around it, in the air ....

19-10-2017, 19:02
Alright, finally got a video updated, rotating around the car to see it from all angles. Embed wasn't working :(