View Full Version : Move camera menu during replays

18-10-2017, 00:28
Evening everyone,

I'm wondering if I am missing how to or if it's just not possible. Is there a way to move the camera menu out of the way yet still be visible when running triples? I would love to move the menu off the center screen so that I can change camera views like a real broadcast yet not have it visible on my center screen. I have to say the more I play and the more I tweak the better this game gets. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


19-10-2017, 07:44
Replays definitely need some extra features like this, unless I haven't found them either.
I want to be able to hide camera controls but leave race info up. Also on PC you should be able to drag the time bar to a point in the race rather than having to fast forward to it.