View Full Version : [PS4] grass improvement on tracks

18-10-2017, 15:42
Regarding grass details, it's clealy more present than in PC1 in almost all the tracks. But unfortunately in PC2 the grass seems to be too much as an english meadow (it's more dense and so much short to be quite invisible even at close distance). Furthermore, in almost all the tracks (with some exceptions such as Bathurst track), it is also present only close to the tarmac. Normally there is no grass at all on the hills close to the road (behind the guardrail). The grass seems to be always the same in all the tracks while it should be different in some tracks (e.g in Nordschleife grass is totally different and more dense and variegated than in Willow Springs). I hope SMS is aware of this and will improve the grass assets (in terms of variety) in the tracks with the next patches. In particular the improvement should be applied to the tracks were hills are very close to the tarmac (e.g. Nordschleife is currently lacking on trees in the hills close to the tarmac). The grass in PC1 was more distributed all around the environment producing a better visual effect.

18-10-2017, 16:49
Of all the things that need fixing in pcars... the grass? really?

18-10-2017, 17:02
I think the grass is just a symptom of the overall poorer graphics in this title on the PS4.