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19-10-2017, 17:53

thanks everybody who helps creating the almost perfect simracing xperience to date.
Since launch i almost play every day and with the help of Zakspeed tv i found the perfect settings for my Thrustmaster T300 on Playstation Pro.

For the developers i have some remarks for future patches and dlc but first i wanna start with all the postives so far.

A dream come true for me with Project Cars 2.

The diversity in cars, weather, tracks and race categories are awesome.
I also want mentioning the replay camera track angles, outstanding work guys, love it.
But wow, especialy the Rallycross is awesome.
Since DiRT Rally there was nothing else for me to play where the FFB feels so real and instinctive, but finally
I have something more to drive now.

You guys must seriously consider making a standalone Rally Simulator!!! DiRT Rally 2.0

But i also have some worries and complaints about the rallycross mode in PC2 so far and hopefully you guys are able to fix this overtime?

First there are some serious problems with the replays in rallycross.
Motorsounds of my own car are missing, other competitors staying stucked on the startline, damaged parts of cars repair themselfes, obstacels on tracks still presents after playing another heat, dust and mud on cars are always the same (amount) in rain or dry conditions.
Please can you fix this ?

And then i want to mentions and have some requests for you developers and some answers will be appreciated.

I allready know some new rally cars are coming to pc2 but you guys forgot the Peugeot 208 Loeb/Hanssen squad and the Ford Fiesta RX.
Please add these?

Also the World RX courses of Mettet Belgium, Estering Germany, Canada and Sweden are missing.
Awesome that you guys allready added Africa as this will be run for the first time this month in World RX.

Ow and one last thing, please split all times on the leaderboards in Timetrial by car and/or class, so much more pleasant to play timetrial that way.

Hopefully i help you developers with some valueable infomation and keep up the good work!!!
To all other players feel free to add some comments to this post you think is also worth to be mentioned!

Big big thanks for making my sim dream come true!!!

Roger Prynne
19-10-2017, 18:04
you guys forgot the Peugeot 208 Loeb/Hanssen squad and the Ford Fiesta RX.
Please add these?

Also the World RX courses of Mettet Belgium, Estering Germany, Canada and Sweden are missing.

Depends if they can get the licences and how much they want for them.

Glad that you're enjoying the game though.

20-10-2017, 05:42
I think the rallycross is a great addition to the game

25-10-2017, 16:26
Yes it is my favourite part of the game, although the AI could be better at some tracks.

Maybe a stand-along game with many more tracks? The British Grand Prix track at Croft would be good, the Welsh venue of Pembrey and the new track at Silverstone.

You could also have a more creative element to the game and model the Supernational classes of Scandinavia and the UK. Here you can modify cars to a great extent, providing you keep the engine in the same compartment, use the same block and retain 2wd. In the real world people have put Porsche engines in VW Beetles and 2 litre touring car engines in Nissan Micras. Doing that in a sim would be great fun!

25-10-2017, 17:33
Hi! First post here! I play on PS4 with a G29 and posted a few times over the pcars subreddit since release. So, I've been an avid World RX fan since the first event in Canada in 2014 and I've been attending every year religiously. Earlier this summer I fell in love with Dirt 4's RX implementation, mostly because of the official FIA licenses for tracks, cars and drivers - to me, it felt authentic. Then PC2 came out and wow.. the "feel" of the RX beasts is so much better - the cars feel like they have actual weight, when you hit the handbrake into a curve you can feel the wheels digging into the dirt, it's really incredible.

Personally I have three issues with PC2's RX. The first one is the smaller number of FIA WRX licences. I really wish I could drive in PC2 against Kristofferson, Solberg, Ekström, Loeb, Bakkerud and Block (even after the announcement that Ford was retiring from WRX for now). With Codemasters' Dirt seemingly being the "official FIA WRX game" I hardly see that changing although I really wish it did.

Another gripe I have is with the ruleset - SMS apparently took from both WRX and the Redbull Global Rallycross Challenge and both, as you most probably know, have very different joker rules. In WRX, the joker lap is longer and needs to be taken at least once while on the GRC the joker lap is shorter and you can take it *only* once. You can't program both rules at the same time, so if you're on a track with a longer joker lap and the GRC rule is in effect, it doesn't make sense, neither does it make sense the other way around. I wish they implemented both rules and gave a clear indicator of which one is in effect as it influences the race strategy.

My last problem is with the lack of proper heats. Right now I'm the absolute worse at driving but when I'm better I would love to join a racing league and the lack of "event structure" makes it hard to imaging a proper RX league with proper RX events.

Now, I know a game with the scope of Project Cars obviously has limits with authenticity because they do so many different motorsports. That said, I think what I'm saying is that I wish SMS' physics and driving were used to build a stand alone FIA-licensed RX game. A guy can dream, eh? :)

What do you guys think?

25-10-2017, 23:56
I just posted about having real problems on Ice tracks and not becoming just a 8 cylinder pinball, do you experience the same or have solutions for it, some extaudinary car setup?

08-12-2017, 07:14
I really love the RX career in the game, as well as the cars and every RX track, it really is a fascinating discipline and very immersively done.

However, while races themselves, physics, cars and tracks are stunning and authentic, I really miss a real feeling game flow.

No offense, but to me it seams that the design of the RX events is a bit unfinished.

As many may not be into real RX, I’d like to give a short overview how real events are organized, then how it is done in the game.

Real (using the WRX as a base, GRC is slightly more complex, but the gist is the same), have a look here: http://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/education

Each event is made up of an open practice sessions, four timed qualifying heats, two knock out Semi-Finals and one Final. There are four qualifying heats with a maximum of five cars starting abreast in each race over four laps.
QUALIFYING 1 (Q1). Starting positions in the races are determined by a draw that is carried out beforehand.
QUALIFYING 2-3-4 (Q2-Q3-Q4). Race starters determined according to timed classification of the previous qualifying heat.
Qualifying Classification is based on time of the driver, not the position within a race.
The Top 12 drivers are then qualified for the Semi-Finals, with odds going to Semi-Final 1 and evens in Semi-Final 2. top 3 of the two Semi-Finals progress to the Final, where the winner of the event is crowned

Now yesterday I found, that our version in the career is different or rather intransparent, and has some design oddities.

1) Points given for the qualifying runs are not 50-1 for the whole field, but 50-25 for each qualifying race. So you had 16 drivers competing, but 4 of them had 50 points in the results. It is totally intransparent, why I am in position x overall in the qualifying. Times aren’t counting anything and are not shown in an overview
2) The semi-finals seem to have no link to the qualifyings, I don’t have the impression that there are 2 semi-finals, this is never shown to the player
3) It doesn’t matter how I compete in a semi-final, I always get into the final.

Overall for me there is no order in an event flow. It seems I do compete in four Q runs, a semi and a final, but the overall results are plain random. It is also not possible to miss out the semi finals, if you are too bad in the Q runs.

I’d really would like to see a more transparent event flow in the RX segment, as for me this spoils the fun a bit, although the races itself are really really impressive. Is there any chance for a redesign in a patch maybe? I know that the ruleset is only loosely based on the real one, but as both big RX series use rather similar ones, the above gets valid for me.
I believe this doesn’t matter that much for the casual guy, but as an RX fan I don’t have as much fun with the mode as I could have. Not even mentioning the lack of a single complete RX event outside of the career.