View Full Version : New issue from dry to wet.

19-10-2017, 18:13
Morning guys.

Last night while doing a test league race I believe I found another possible bug.
We set the weather at Silverstone to start overcast but go to storm conditions. When the rain started people started to pit for the wets. I waited about 4 laps before coming in. As we got further into the race people were complaining about the puddles on track and that they were unable to control the car in a straight line with the wet tyres on. At the same point I was flying on the wets on just a wet track. No puddles for me.
I know this is a long video as it was streamed from a competitor but in this you can see the puddles but i'm on the radio asking "What puddles?".

Hopefully this was just a one off but have reported it just in case.


Matt Bob.

Siberian Tiger
19-10-2017, 18:56
Yes, sadly there seems to be some sort of Syncing Issue that crepped back in. (It was eliminated in the WMD Builds at some Time)

It's logged and looked into it...