View Full Version : Saving tuning setup bug

20-10-2017, 13:40
I am a PC user and have noticed if I don't create a new save every single time it resets my tuning to what it previously was, I will save over the old tuning and it never updates. I use the fuel amount to easily notice it I will change it by 1 liter so it is obvious if it saved or not.

20-10-2017, 14:04
Its a known issue, save as new and then select an old save and overwrite like that instead as a workaround for now.

05-11-2017, 14:58
I’ve noticed the same issue. Very annoying. Load each time, save over previous slot, exit, and re-enter the time menu to make sure. I use some indicator like fuel “stated above”. Again, too many steps, but I can’t trust it saved. Hope there’s a fix soon.

Terrell Olvera
05-11-2017, 20:06
When you make changes and save over an existing setup, if you immediately back out of the tuning menu and go back into it you will notice your changes did not save. However, if you save over an existing setup but before backing out of the tuning menu you load a different setup, then load the setup you just saved, and then back out of the tuning menu, when you go back into the tuning menu you will see your changes saved.

The bug seems to only affect edited "currently loaded" setups. If you "reload" the setup after saving it, everything is ok.

Hopefully that helps the devs nail this bug.