View Full Version : How the lucky repairment of a blown engine will leave you as a ghost

Ole W
21-10-2017, 11:29
Last night one of my friends and myself were having some fun on the Classic layout of Spa-Francorchamps in the Ferrari F40's. At some point, his engine started overheating because of repeated severe damage to his front-end. It finally blew just as he entered the pit entrance to get the much needed repairs done.
So even while his engine were blown, he still was able to gently roll down to his pit crew. And they started working. It took a little more than 3:30 minutes to get the repairs done, all the while this red banner: "Terminal Damage - Engjne Blown" remained visible. And his car was ghosted during the whole process. Even when he was finally let of of the pit again with a seemingly working engine.

So multiple minor bugs to fix, SMS.

Please watch the race here: