View Full Version : AI on Donington National in SR8 - Is it me?

21-10-2017, 17:03
I use to play with an AI set to 70-80 but on this track/car combo I need to lower the AI level as far as 40 or even 30 to be able to follow them... Is this me?

21-10-2017, 17:06
Probably not you, but AI balancing that is on Doug's to-do list for the next months.

21-10-2017, 17:52
I had to do exactly the same thing in career to stand a chance.

21-10-2017, 18:20
Same here. I won the two Formula Rookie championships easily at 70% and I had to put AI at 30% to stand a chance in SR8 for my first career race in this car... Ok so it is not me :p

21-10-2017, 18:38
This particular example has less to do with the track but with the car (class).
The SR8 wants to be driven aggressively or you'll stand no chance against the AI.
Adjust your brake balance so you can brake into the corner and close the radiator and brake ducts a bit.
The only corners where the AI is better are Redgate and Coppice. In all other places you should make up time or you're not pushing hard enough.