View Full Version : Ranking System in PCars2 - Overcoming adversity

21-10-2017, 17:46
I REALLY want to apologize to SMS for my previous rants about the ranking system "fairness" in PCars2. Now that I understand it's objectives and methods better, if anyone else is having issues with your license and reputation declining, and you know you're not "that bad" lol......Well, I was! And you are too. Here's how to fix it:

1. NEVER leave a race.
2. As long as your car will move, RACE to the best of your ability, or Pit and repair, then RACE!
3. Retire only when your car won't move.

That's it really. I was getting very discouraged with the game, and a wise opponent straightened me out. My ranking was F1100's after my 10th online race, and by sticking to these 3 simple rules, it's back up to C1321, which isn't great, but headed in the right direction.

Hope this helps someone else as much as it did me~


21-10-2017, 20:02
You missed one:

Don’t get all upset an revenge wreck.

23-10-2017, 13:03
Just an update to this thread... I wrote the original post 2 days ago...Last night my license/rep = A1378 . Now I can legitimately say I'm "not that bad!"...lol....


23-10-2017, 17:28
Solid advice, Randy. Really glad to see you come around.

What I think is really cool about this, is that your racing now more closely reflects the real world of motorsports, rather than simply a "game". The stakes are higher when you're committed to an entire race. I'm hoping you find that commitment and payout as rewarding as I do :)