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21-10-2017, 21:17
I normally consider myself as a calm and patient person, but Iím starting to get really annoyed with PC2/Fanatec CSL/PS4 Pro combination.. And I think Iím not the only one that feels had (to say it politely).. Ad least one of these companyís screws up badly.. But when AC/Fanatec CSL/PS4 works great, GTS/Fanatec CSL/PS4 reasonable in compatibility mode, D4/Fanatec CSL/Ps4 great it seems obvious who is the odd one out.. Itís not the Ä 100 that seems wasted, but the fact that I spend much more time in thinkering the settings (and believe me Iíve tried them all) then having nice races.. Very very disappointing PC2 team, all the beautiful features but undriveable for me and most Fanatec owners on the PS4..

22-10-2017, 08:43
You must be doing something wrong as my Fanatec CSL elite with BMW or Formula carbon rim (can't be arsed with the original rim as there is no quick change) is performing very well, I don't need to use compatibility mode and have found that since updates to the game and the Fanatec wheel firmware that immersive is giving better ffb than raw. This was not the case originally as raw gave the best feeling and the other two were rubbish so something has definitely changed. The only thing that is missing is the rumble on the kerbs, you can feel the big kerbs when you hit them but no rumble on the sawtooth ones, definitely not game breaker and I'm having an absolute blast so please don't automatically lump ALL fanatec CSL PS4 users into a group having problems ��

22-10-2017, 10:06
Glad to read that you don’t have the same experience as me Madwak, I haven’t held a questionnaire amongst CSL users and so I should have sad most have problems and not all.. Sorry for this.. But having read most of the experiences of CSL users on this platform and other fora, most are struggling to say the least.. Would you be so kind to share me your settings, so I can stop complaining and race 

22-10-2017, 11:05
Once again as I already mentioned on other discussion pay attention to the parameter that is reinitialized automatically it makes you "go round in circles" is the case of the direahah ... What frustration on this new PC! ! hoping that the dignified correction will perform:furieux:

22-10-2017, 12:05
Can't share my settings at the moment as I decided to try the G29 setting again and now I've completely messed them up and trying to get it back to where I was : ( One thing I can tell you though is don't use the raw setting for the elite as the immersive is much better, also keep the volume and gain high but the tone low because if you have tone set high the wheel goes light under braking instead of going heavy then light when you lose traction. Looks like I've got another couple of hours messing around again now?
My old settings had weight on the wheel when turning in and started to vibrate as it was going into understeer, had weight on the wheel when turning in under braking which faded as traction was going away, had a lot of feel when bouncing over
the kerbs and running on rough ground. The only thing missing was the vibration when running along the rough kerbs.

22-10-2017, 15:20
Not to be blunt M, but your comments are proving my point..