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Atak Kat
22-10-2017, 14:50
Today, I tried my first races online with PS4.

In general, I found the racing to be quite good. I was happy (maybe lucky) to have 3 races without major chaos or mayhem. I was impressed, actually (I expected far worse from other drivers, considering I'm a U licence...). I want to drive and learn. I'm not interested to win by crashing out the others. I gave space to the other drivers when it was pretty clear they were faster than me. I found the same when I was faster than them (not often...)

But there were a few things....
- I'm several seconds per lap slower. I assume some of it is setup. I admit that most of it is likely skill. But I'm curious if there is any way to get into races with people of similar skill? Maybe there is something I don't know about and a way to find races for people with similar skills. How? I can only think that there might be a grouping based on your typical AI difficulty rating? I'm usually around 55-65 when racing against AI. Is there any way to find similar racers when looking through the lobbies?
- is it possible to find lobbies where the cars are identical? maybe a forced/default setup for the car? it would be interesting to me to try to undertstand really how far behind my skills are, when all other things equal.
- I had a lot of technical difficulties. My connection speed is good, and my PS4 is connected direct to my router (not wifi). But there were many times things just froze, or wouldn't connect me. I'd say that I was only able to connect successfully once for every 3 or 4 times I tried to join a lobby. Is that normal?
- I was really surprised at the hesitations that seemed to occur when you're driving. Is this what people talk about when they say there is lag when people join/leave the lobby? If so, it's definitely a problem I hope they can somehow fix.

Any suggestions how to get the most out of the on-line experience are appreciated.

Atak Kat
26-10-2017, 20:20
I realize I'm the only one who commented here but I'm going to add more, after several more days of online racing.

- I have had about 5 times the dreaded 'removed from session' or whatever it says. I was driving fine, no interference or accidents. Lost a ton of points for no reason. That's BS.
- I have had several times a qualifying session complete, and then after that it just goes to 'waiting' screen. After 10-15 minutes of waiting, nothing happens.....
- It seems hit and miss whether you are able to really race. It's frustrating to go through all the waiting, all the qualifying, etc and the in the end...... nothing.
- I would estimate less than 50% of the time when I join a session, I am able to eventually end up to complete the race. The rest of the times is wasted time that somehow never transpires to a race, or being removed from the session.
- I have never had a kicked from session (assuming it would say that specifically).
- my internet connection is very good.

Its frustrating. But when the racing happens, I only have good things to say (except the lag/delays that occur, which are very annoying)