View Full Version : Anyone using PcarsTT ?

22-10-2017, 17:26
Hello everyone...
A few hours ago, i have found PcarsTT. Its an Android app that shows and logs your laps and sectors timing...only this.
I know there are other tools that can do the same, but PcarsTT is extremely simply, i dont need telemetry data, only timing.

Anyone is using this tool with Project Cars over pc?

Thanks all

23-10-2017, 09:12
I'm downloading it now will give it a test, I like the feature that it saves times to compare. Will give it a go

23-10-2017, 15:20
OK so I used this for a few hours today simple but effective gives basic timing screen which is functional. But the best feature is that it saves all times per car and track with the ability to compare to current run.


23-10-2017, 15:37
Hi Jimmyb...thanks for your reply.
Have you tested it on PS4 only?...or on a PC too.
I only use Project Cars on PC and it didnt work yesterday...
Im out for work but next week i will try again.

Thank for your help

23-10-2017, 19:36
I think it only works on PS4. I contacted the dev about a version of it that works on PC/pCars2 a while back, but he said he wasn't really interested as he doesn't have a PC capable of running pCars2. I use RS Dash to get all of my timing and lap info now, and it also provides a lot of other nice features that pCarsTT doesn't have.

23-10-2017, 20:09
I have many apps running while I play this adds something I can look at while I work lol.

I run Vrhive, Pcars Dash and now this. knowledge is power plus it's free so why not.