View Full Version : backup problem among other things

22-10-2017, 18:41
Full of different problem especially on the recording of parameter they change automatically I choose complete I record and so that no more help to the driving is taken into account if I come back on but parametre those are pass in realist without lying this is pretty amazing !!!
But car setup is only registered if I create a new one I can not crush the one already in court, I even got an error message noting "Lambo spa" on one of them "insulting detect" ... I Note now that online that is a thousand times mine is that in the previous version is full of bug .

And how long do you want to wait before starting a race could you tell me ???

So here I am decided to start a career after 2 race out of 3 with a diluviť rain here I describe in GT3 wec and here is the return of the rain 45mn of qualifes me here to throw and voila that I double the lmp2 and 3 that's when the track director tells me for a portion of circuit too fast canceling my time in the race and the next But what mischief this PC 2 that you are he going through the head !?

A subject could you tell me if in the career mode I can manage the weather as well as the penalty rules please???

I prefer for my part the PC 1 I hope it will change!