View Full Version : G920 still broken! Disgraceful.

22-10-2017, 19:03
My G920 still violently shakes left to right on the straights. Can someone else try Formula C in career mode, do you have the same issue? How have they still not fixed this? What a joke developer.

22-10-2017, 21:14
Hey mate, i have the same problem, Clio cup was fine, rallycross lites was fine, just started GT3, first race was all good, second straight back to violently shaking! it really sucks. Project cars 1 was the game that made me want to buy this wheel and build my racing sim, now i can't use it on the second one it's crazy, i'm getting no replies from SMS, they pretty much ignore all comments about this. I sent them a video of the issue, no reply.

I'm starting to think no one at SMS actually looks at these forums but just incase they do this is my issue still, GTR skyline GT3 on snetterton

h t t p s://youtu.be/TCf0hkjlPc4 (you'll just have to remove the gaps in the first few letters, this forum won't let me post links as i'm new)

Roger Prynne
22-10-2017, 22:04
Lets just say that it's being worked on.

22-10-2017, 22:40
Oki doki, we'll keep waiting.

Valuable lesson in waiting for a game to be released and reading reviews before purchasing it, had the game for a month now with limited ability to play it, pretty disappointing.

23-10-2017, 00:08
i have a G920 and had the same probs as you pre patch - much better since v2. maybe you need to re adjust your ffb settings again? try putting fx to , that may cure it until next patch arrives.

have you got the tone set real low? if so that will amplify the bumps on the straights. Try tuning the tone up and the gain/vol down a bit.

23-10-2017, 00:39
Cheers bud, yeah originally it was like this on all tracks and with all cars, now it's just appearing on some, i've got the tone all the way down but it still rattles a lot, enough for me not to want to continue the season.

Seems to be a bit of back lash when people complain about these problems, what the Devs have to understand is we WANT to love the game, we're fans, but when something like this completely sucks the fun out of it it's disappointing, i'm really keen for it to be fixed so i can enjoy it for what it is, a super fun racing sim.

23-10-2017, 09:56
you need to turn the tone UP. having the tone all the way down will make the vibes worse. Try turning the tone up and the vol/gain down. FX also amplifies the bumps/kerbs so turn that right down maybe even to 0.

here are the settings I'm using;
Gain 80
Vol 70
Tone 85
FX 40

23-10-2017, 21:26
Cheers guys i'll play around some more with the settings to make it usable, it just makes no sense to have to stuff with the settings every different track and car to make it work, it works fine with the same car on a different track then next track it's stuff, hopefully it's patched soon

never enough
23-10-2017, 22:45
It is almost feels like.... That as paying customers we have no rights. Well actually, we have plenty of rights but we do want to see the game realise its potential however some empathy from some quarters would not go astray... #justsayin

24-10-2017, 21:57
See,, ive got empathy, making a game can't be easy, so i'm more than happy to overlook the frame rate issues, the laggy menus, the graphics that break up quite a bit, and how some corners on the track time slows almost to half speed for no reason,plus tyre indicators flashing between green and blue, tyre smoke pouring out the back of the car on normal temp tyres, AI running up the back of me on formation laps and me getting the penalty, you know, glitches. But when the primary way for me to control the game doesn't work, ti's a bit hard to overlook...