View Full Version : I know I'm back on a P CARS game when...

22-10-2017, 19:43
...I spend more time in menus than racing!!!

Not complaining (yet!), but this series is like no other console experience ever!

Luckily, having experienced the first, I waited until the first big patch - and set aside my first night to play with settings instead of starting a career. Otherwise I'd be more pee'd off...

24-10-2017, 03:19
Could be worse, you could be in the garage selecting paint colours, stickers and matching rims...
True though, I wish tuning was quicker (my engineers should do something for themselves), save over's should actually work, weather changes/randomness is nice but seriously, one weekend that remains generally the same would be handy (even one 10 lap race without a dramatic English cold/rain front surprising my slicks would be appreciated)... Sounds like I am complaining.. hehe..

24-10-2017, 11:30
So far... I'm actually enjoying the many places you can get in and tweak things... what is really irritating , is that I don't fully trust that what I'm doing is valid, considering some of the other issues I have with the driveability issues I'm having with entry level racing.

24-10-2017, 11:32
...I'm thinking about potential setup tweaks for tomorrow's race before I go to bed :D

24-10-2017, 20:56
So true, I got no idea if ride height and bump stop is having any effect on what happens on the track or my track times.