View Full Version : Time Trial leaderboard woes.

XFR Spike
23-10-2017, 09:35
Having real difficulty reliably getting access to the Time Trial leaderboards.

As we operate our own TTs stating car and track combo, we rely on being able to hit the Y button to view friends times.

This week and last as each of our own TTs concluded we were hit with constant "Unable to sync" messages & as the TTs are time sensitive it's killing it for us.

Does anyone know if this is being looked at please? We can hang on if it is but otherwise our private TTs are futile.


25-10-2017, 21:21
I can confirm I’m having the same issue which is causing our time trials comps slot of bother
This has been happening since launch. You can if your lucky get to the 5th page of a leaderboard before
It will say “ can’t sync leaderboard and then every leaderboard you look at will not sync is this going to be fixed ?

Also since patch 2.0 9/10 times I leave a tt session I will get booted back to the dashboard I’ll gather some videos of both issues and post them here thanks