View Full Version : Saving Setups (PS4)

23-10-2017, 15:14

I got some issue with saving of setups. Within a session, for example traning, I modify my setup. I save it by entering a name and a description. Within the next session I go to the setup page and I see a totally different setup. I try to load the previous one, but itīs not shown in the list. Even the name of the track is not shown... Sometimes even in the same session the setups changes suddenly to another one when I open the setup menu... I even see the naming of the setup change (with car-jack sound).

Does anybody has a clue? Do I not save a setup properly??


Terrell Olvera
25-10-2017, 01:41
I think its just a bug, I encountered the same on PC, the fix so far has been to always save as a new setup. If I overwrite an existing setup I run into the same problems you described.