View Full Version : Give position x back bug ps4

23-10-2017, 16:39
Twice today in separate lobbies I have been in a race, watched someone a couple of cars length spin off and I've been forced to give the position back. Which means either slowing down to a crawl if the race is far on or in the second case being smashed off due to it being at the start of a race.

An utter waste of time qualifying to be forced to give positions back for phantom issues.

Is this being looked at by the devs?

23-10-2017, 20:17
Hi I have had this issue and was going to post a video once i had uploaded.

I had a car spin off in front of me and then spin back on to the track and hit the side of my car and i got a driving standards warning and and told to give the spot back even when this was not my fault and was in the wrong place wrong time. i lost so much time as was a fast close race that it was impossible to catch back up with the guys/girls i was racing with.

not fun when you get hit and get driving standards warning for other people hitting you. which in the end reduces the points score system

24-10-2017, 19:44
Same issue here. Reported it multiple times in the bug reporting thread... Yet to see a mod or dev acknowledge the issue.

27-10-2017, 14:22
I agree this should definetely be looked into.. there's nothing more annoying than giving ur hard earned places back.. (or it must be joining lag... :rolleyes:)

27-10-2017, 14:23
It's all platforms.