View Full Version : PS4 left stick controller steering seems bugged....

Spirit X
23-10-2017, 19:35
Hi guys, please take a minute to test the following yourself if you can and let us know if you find the same.

There's a thread about this in the general PS4 forum (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?55672-DS4-issues-apparent-steering-saturation) but I thought I should make sure it's been logged in this Technical Help section.

Basically the game gives full 100% steering input when the left stick is only pushed about 50% left or right. You can test this yourself with the telemetry hud (controller input is shown in the bottom-left corner).

Personally I drive with my left stick in the 'up' position and then I rotate it left and right to steer. So for me, 90 degrees of stick rotation is full turning and when I tested this out with the game telemetry, I found that the game thinks I'm steering fully when I rotate about 45 degrees left or right. I tested this with various controller settings and sensitivities with no difference. It's like there's a load of built in steering saturation that you can't get rid of. In effect every car in the game will be twice as sensitive to steering as it should be. Explains why I'm finding everything so twitchy and horrible since the patch.

Please test and confirm if you can, would be good to know if this is just a global issue.

Wasn't sure if there's a PS4 bug thread, it's not stickied if there is but if any mods reading this could confirm that this has been logged as needing sorting out then would be much appreciated.