View Full Version : Controller lag

23-10-2017, 21:25
Been having a problem with very bad controller lag in this game especially, im also seeing the same problem on google with GT sport, id say its about 0.5ms instead on an ideal 0.1ms.

Ive come here because im seeing loads of people on google with the same issue so its not just me.

My TV is in gaming mode and works spot on with my PC games no lag.

Im suspecting its because the pad uses wireless which is prone to lag but also the game being too sugary with content and graphics. Ive lowered everything in the graphics and even set the PS4 to 480p and it now slightly better at about 0.4ms, still terrible though.

I know a faster screen will help but will it eliminate the problem?

Is it purely the game developers fault?

Its sad cos im about to sell up and go back to trusty PC, thank god I can play these games there with no lag.

Also as a side rant the controller setup options on the PS4 is pants, there should be an app on the PS4 that lets you fine tune the calibration of THEIR pad.