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24-10-2017, 17:49
Yeah, as simple as that: is there a way to unlock the remaining career championships?

I'm at this stage now...



... and discovered that after completing certain championships (e.g. endurance on stage 1) suddenly ALL previously locked championships were unlocked.

However, after finishing another one (e.g. formula C) the unlocked events were locked again :confused:

Is there a way to unlock the events (again) or is there a certain order of championships you have to re-race in order to unlock the remaining locked championships?

For the time being I will unlock some more manufacturers.


Thanks in advance!

25-10-2017, 10:47
I think because career mode is designed as follow (not sure we need to ask more informed people here):

1) once you finish a series you can play a championship only in the same tier or the immediate next tier
2) you are able to get back to a lower tier only when you win a tier 1 championship
3) when you win a tier 1 you can go back to any tier but once you play in that tier rules 1 applies
4) to unlock again you have to win a tier 1 again

So in your case:
- to complete indy you have to replay a tier 1 championship. Indy unlocks and you can complete it.
- once you have won indy you can get back to tier 6 and complete formula rookie and kart as they are in the same tier. Then you find youself in a locked situation again cause in tier 5 you have completed everything,
- you have to win another tier 1 title and get back to the tier where you need to complete something.

hope it is right and usefull to you.
Let me know
best regards

25-10-2017, 11:03
blimey, the game has only been out a month and you've nearly done all the career stuff......how much time do you spend on it?

25-10-2017, 11:46
If I turned AI down to 1%, maybe I might have a chance at getting all those unlocked.

25-10-2017, 12:11
I'm already fully done with career because I wanted to complete it before starting Multiplayer. :)


Roger Prynne
25-10-2017, 12:25
^ Well can you help the OP then?

25-10-2017, 12:56
It workes like Paulpg87 said. Not sure if that's intended though. Notified devs anyway.

25-10-2017, 13:15
Yes, it seems to work like that. I always chose my path from Tier 6 to Tier 1 and then again from Tier 6 and so on. This way I didn't have the problem like hossa with all remaining championships locked.

But I don't think it should work this way also. After winning a Tier 1 championship all other championships should be unlocked in my opinion.

26-10-2017, 04:41
It worked! Thanks for the suggestion!