View Full Version : Directed to Dev. team. Add an option for the degrees the weel will turn, like in AC.

24-10-2017, 18:49
Project Cars is a great game, but in one aspect, it is mutch mutch worse then PC1. In PC1, when using the dualshock(I used the tilt always) the visual wheel turned like 280-360 degress or something. Just like the visial wheel does in GT Sports, which feel great becouse of it.

In PC2 the game is allmost unplayable in cockpit using tilt becouse the visul wheel hardly moves! It just feel so f*** weird. I cant play the game.

Please dev team, give the ps4 verison an option for adjusting the visual wheel. Just like assetto corsa does for gamepad use. Let us enter like 360 degress or whatever value we want. AND if there is some linjerity used in the visual wheel, let US players adjust that to.

Let me have the option of it. That isn't to mutched to ask for? Right?;) Great game other wise.