View Full Version : Cannot even play this game offline. What is this message?

24-10-2017, 19:43
So as if the online connection problems wasn't bad enough I keep getting this message in offline play before being logged out and sent back to the main menu. Doesn't do it with any other game.

A sign-in change occurred. You are now being returned to the title screen.


Seriously what's wrong with this game. It cost me 50. Why can't I just play the damn thing?

Roger Prynne
24-10-2017, 20:02
I would imagine that's an XBOX problem myself.

24-10-2017, 20:04
Well that's what I thought initially but I managed to play a solid 4 hours on another game then before I went to bed I switched back over to PC2 and t happened straight away. Left it for a couple of days. Went on today and the exact same thing happened.

Roger Prynne
24-10-2017, 20:22
Hmmm strange, never seen or heard of that message before.
Hopefully someone else will chip in with a suggestion.

24-10-2017, 21:05
Scratch that. I've just found my router is playing up so it's most likely that.

Will report back when I get it fixed.

25-10-2017, 05:16
Were you sign in to Xbox Live before starting Pcars2 ?
Do you have multiple gamers accounts on your Xbox ?
Have you tried to close Pcars2/sign out of Xbox live/Sign in again/Start Pcars2