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25-10-2017, 09:45
I've been playing PC2 for one week and must say that sound of engine - output volume is much weaker than on PC1. Now I'm playing Ginetta GT5 and sound of my car is 50% weaker then opponents. I've tried to adjust relations in sound menu but nothing helps. For expl. when I played on PC1 sound volume on TV was at 10, and now on PC2 sound vol. is on 30... Anyone suggestions??? Tnx

donkey racer
03-11-2017, 08:30
cant get any answer from sms

12-11-2017, 16:24
Many threads about this, no answer from SMS. Assume its not getting fixed and just get used of it.

I unplugged my who surround system and subwoofer and just use 2-channel stereo....awesome I know.

Also all the tactile response peripherals do not work so hopefully someone else will make a proper racing game soon. Maybe think of switching to PC and do iRacing or something else.

The Last V8
18-12-2017, 12:21
this is my only one big problem for me for this game....output volume too low...i hope for next update...

i connected headphones directly to joypad and volume is too low...then i connected headphones to tv and i can finally increase volume by tv but the quality is too poor without bass...i'm looking for a solution to solve it...:(

18-12-2017, 21:03
In some instances a car that is either just in front or just following me sounds louder than my car.

18-12-2017, 21:17
Yes it does seem that the sounds are complete pants compared with PJ1. I am listening on a pretty high end surround system and something is just not right. I note also that the subwoofer boost adjustment in Audio Settings does nothing at all. Perhaps their surround implementation is messed up. I can tell whether the engine is in front of me or behind me but all of them are high pitched screamers. The gear change clunk is also way too loud. Even with that section turned right down in audio settings it is still very intrusive. GT Sport is night and day so much better.