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25-10-2017, 13:02
Hello together,

I have following problem:
For NumPad "4" key on an external USB keyboard I set a function for adjusting the stabis in the car.
During the race this is working fine, but when I press the key I also look to the left.

Is this a hardcoded function, because this key has also the left arrow?!
At the moment this key has two functions due to this and the look left function was normally set to another key manually.
Or has it something to do with an active or inactive numpad? But during the setup I see "4" by pressing the key and I didn't change the numpad option.

Thanks in advance!

Dev Nibor
25-10-2017, 13:57
Same problem here on PS4
I reported this in the bug tracking thread a few days back

25-10-2017, 14:28
yes same problem here, the ps4 recognises the arrows as looking up down left and right as well as the function youve set it up too..
i have left (#4) set as seat forward.. so everytime i set it forward it looks left as well.. indeed not ideal but it works fine.
a thing i would like to see is the TH8A shifter not automatically assigning L1-R1.. because i want to use it as a handbrake in sequential position, but were not able to atm.

John Hargreaves
25-10-2017, 14:59
I think those number pad functions are hard coded into the game, as I've had the same thing happen on PC. In the Xbox thread there are a few guys using usb number pads for extra buttons, and I think they were saying that num lock has an effect on how it works. I don't think it's a bug as such, just how the game engine has been designed. At least there are plenty more buttons to assign on a full keyboard.

Roger Prynne
25-10-2017, 15:09
Yes they are hard coded.

26-10-2017, 06:01
Thanks for your responses!
I switched the button on my self made button box to another key on the USB-keyboard matrix :-)