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25-10-2017, 19:13
Hello there,

Is there a way to get the TH8A working as a handbrake?? I got to the point where a simple button isn't enough for me.

Fanatec has the clubsport handbrake which is the best thing we could get, but I know it's not compatible with Thrusmaster.

Just to let the devs know about this.

26-10-2017, 20:33

No answers??

27-10-2017, 06:19
I guess the question is what do you want to achieve by using a shifter as a handbrake? The shifter doesn't provide any sort of analogous movement, but I can understand it might be slightly more immersive than pressing a button on the wheel...

27-10-2017, 17:20
Yes it's about immersion, would be so much better to have a handbrake as something apart from a button. Even if it's a on/off system....

The TH8A can be used as a sequential shifter too, so in that way it could do the job of a handbrake.

27-10-2017, 21:19
what wheel are you using?

28-10-2017, 07:18
T300RS GT edition but I have an actual wheel on it. So no buttons.

28-10-2017, 13:12
Hi Outlaw893,

Yes there is a way to use the Thrustmaster TH8A or TH8RS Shifter as Analog Handbrake.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcX3NYMIO9E

28-10-2017, 15:12
Yes thats the video that gave me the idea, did someone tested it on pc2?

28-10-2017, 17:43
T300RS GT edition but I have an actual wheel on it. So no buttons.

If you are prepared to open the case on the wheel base it is very easy to add a handbrake, i have one i made for sale made from billet aluminium with a titanium lever, very rigid, comes with all you need to fit it to a T300 including the R2/R3 pcb