View Full Version : The Art of Driving Road Cars

26-10-2017, 08:40
Before starting, and in the know our God on Earth and Deity; our divine; pristine; pure; immortal factory car driving God blesses us all brave road cars racers..

I'd like to begin with simple basic questions for everyone that is into road car racing in pc2.

- How many of ya here folks with 1080 wheels (T300,500, Fanatec etc) drive 1040 factory steering rack cars (such as the Aventador), keeping consistency on track while going sideways, mostly?.

- What is the size of your smile when you finish an event consisting on many laps without getting off track even once, driving like described above, and respecting the factory steering racks? (in other words going for max realism on this area?).

- What's your preferred diff settings for powerful road cars (from c up to a)?.

- Do you think powerful 4x4 road cars in pc2 (such as the aventador, the audio r8 v10 plus) are more fun this time around than rear wheel powered cars? (Enzo, Porches, etc all of them mostly), specially for drifting?.

- What is your Diff settings, specially on the Rear for this 4x4 cars?.

- Tyre compound of choice, and pressures?.

- You prefer drifting and driving to the limit under rain conditions?, what about snow/icy tracks?, are you good, or even better under harsher weather conditions than on dry tarmac

And don't forget. Get your superior skills ready road cars drifters!, our final sideways Challenge aka F40 Factory (another glorious 1040 steering rack car with roflmao turbo-lag) will come sooner or later, and we gotta be ready! Chris Harris is watching us!!