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Nicho Lucas Dad
26-10-2017, 11:08
As the title states.

Idiots are killing the game and it's reputation, 1st turn race winners are f&##:-# it for people trying to take it serious. Try to overtake and bang rammed into the wall, its getting out of control.

Add a report feature and ban people so they learn or f#@$: off and play Mario karts.

26-10-2017, 11:22
My guess is that 1st turn incidents are exactly why there isn't a feature for reporting.
Strange things happen on first lap turn 1-3 on almost all tracks. Reporting would be much more valuable for incidents inside the race, and when people are racing 1vs1 or for people who just stay last and take out the leaders.

Bad driving is not illegal and is already being taken care of by the driving license feature. Intentional ramming, pushing, edging should be though

Nicho Lucas Dad
26-10-2017, 11:36
Oh please, I didn't want to sit here all night typing every scenario of the shit that goes on, it's not just the 1st turn it's the idiots killing the experience and deliberate ramming. Shit happens and people make mistakes or car isn't handling, that's racing, but the idiots isn't racing. The license system isn't working correctly because a lot of these dickheads have higher ratings how is beyond me, they are never on the track and maintain high numbers, me I get frozen in the menu and have to close the game and lose 40 points.

26-10-2017, 11:48
Not defending these types at all, but there have to be ethical issues with selling someone a game and then preventing them from using it. Regardless of what jerks they are.

I believe it would be up to Steam to police that anyway, and you can imagine how thinly spread they'd be if they had to review lousy behavior in every game on their service.

I think the license system - regardless of whether it's algorithm is 'final' or not - is the most that SMS can do to prevent bad behavior in the game.

26-10-2017, 11:50
I think that the licenses work pretty well, but people don't know how to use them.

The number in the license, is how much they win, the letter in the license is how clean/safe they are.
I'd much rather race a C300 than F5000

Try to join races where the limit for licenses is higher letter (ignore the number). It should give much safer/cleaner races

Nicho Lucas Dad
26-10-2017, 12:06
A lot of these people are A's, regardless of anything, the only way people will learn is to be punished, I'm a clean fast and curtious racer, I don't **** around, I don't mind being beaten by class it's when the ***** kill it.
.. If nothing comes of it so be it, lost **** loads of good players to other games already, it's early days still, when I've had enough I'll move on aswell I guess.
The End and good night.

26-10-2017, 12:18
Please stop with the swearing Nicho.
There's no need for that and this is a forum for a PEGI 3 game.

Btw. you can't just lock out players from a game mode they paid money for "just" because they're not following common racing etiquette.
It'd be different if they cheated with 3rd party software for example but banning someone because they're not racing cleanly is not a solution.

Nicho Lucas Dad
26-10-2017, 12:35
I and others pay money aswell and expect to get enjoyment out this sim, oh and as for your private message warning stick it where the sun doesn't shine and ban me.

26-10-2017, 12:41
Out of interest: Is there a reason a lot of races have "Allow ghost vehicles" disabled? It's tooltip reads (paraphrasing) "This will turn stationary cars and cars driving the track in reverse to become ghosted".
It shouldn't be needed in the higher safety ratings, but sounds like a godsend on U/F races

Roger Prynne
26-10-2017, 13:19
You should see some of the FPS games and see the mayhem there as well, in fact it happens in every game as you're always going to get these sort of idiots.

26-10-2017, 13:27
I and others pay money aswell and expect to get enjoyment out this sim, oh and as for your private message warning stick it where the sun doesn't shine and ban me.

Do you kiss your loved ones with that mouth?

26-10-2017, 13:27
There are idiots in every game. Eventually they will get tired of trolling and move on to something else. I know it's frustrating... I've yelled at my monitor many times when people have done dumb things and caused me to wreck or sent me flying into a wall. You just have to keep racing, eventually the trolls will become fewer and fewer.

In the end it's just a game. Don't let it stress you out.

26-10-2017, 17:26
I and others pay money aswell and expect to get enjoyment out this sim, oh and as for your private message warning stick it where the sun doesn't shine and ban me.

Having paid money does not entitle you in any way to demand and insult. Bye.

Atak Kat
27-10-2017, 10:07
The problem with a reporting system is what to do after a report is made.
1. simply trust the report, and penalize the person. How? Decrease their safety rating even more? Points?
2. have a way to review the incident and decide if a penalty should be given or not (which means someone needs to do it, which is not at all likely to happen.)
3. the only alternative I can think of might be if multiple people report the same person in the same race, then maybe its simply assumed to be justified...

I'm more frustrated with just being removed from the races (without reason). The points deduction is also annoying and doesn't make sense, but the more frustrating thing is just being removed when you're doing nothing wrong. After all the qualifying, then the waiting, etc, etc..... it's just frustrating to have it all end without any rationale.

Yes, I think it's important to somehow penalize the crazy drivers. But I do think the safety rating (U, F, E, etc) is pretty decent at doing this. I've made it to 'F', and I'm actually pretty proud of that. Onwards to 'E'... Regardless where you finish, if you run the race and stay on-track without major incident, you'll build your safety rating. And, to be honest, out of all the races I've done so far, I think my place at the end of the race had far more to do with me driving safe/conservative and giving space to those around me, than my speed. It's not hard to see cars around you that are grappling or going way too fast into corners.... if you're patient, usually they go off, and you take the position.

Even if the points deduction annoys me, I have to agree with the comment above that the safety rating is far far more important. As time goes on, I assume we'll start to see more and more races that have minimum safety ratings (and not so much a minimum points level). I think people will figure out that a race with a bunch of guys that have better safety ratings, is going to be a much better race than if they all have the highest points ratings. And in that context, is where we're going to be able to develop racing skills and speed much much better.

30-10-2017, 16:06
Who are you going to report them to ? And what's to stop people reporting people just because they are faster ?
Join a league , that's the easiest way to get fun , clean racing without the rammers .
If you join us , you can report our racers to the stewards .......as long as its in the first 35 mins of the race .......as nobody can save anymore of the replays :/

01-11-2017, 21:19
It works as well as it can in my opinion, it is reasonably easy to get to am E/D rating and from there refuse to join any lower ranked lobbies! That way incidents are reduced and those that happen you can accept as mistakes/ racing incidents.

I found I had to forget qualifying and start at the back to improve my safety rating, wait for the mess in T1 then tiptoe through and see how many cars j can then pass, a few races later safety rating soars, I had a night with horrible connection issues and lost s lot of points frustratingly but people are learning to ignore the number and only lobby by letters fortunately!