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26-10-2017, 19:44
Is something up with the Xbox servers at the moment (Europe)? Can't seem to join any public lobbies. It just stays on the 'joining multi-player session...' and the ones that do go through tell me that I have been disconnected from the session

26-10-2017, 20:04
Happening to me too at the moment.

26-10-2017, 20:22
The race i joined earlier today was really strange too. Weather looked like clear, but the engineer told me that the snow was comming down hard and that i needed to change my tyres. Cars were everywhere, as if it was snowy, but the weather looked sunny. Thats untill lap 2 where it changed from sunny to snow during one corner! I don't think that this was meant to be like that.. hope it's just the servers being strange at the moment..

30-10-2017, 19:16
Again today I've had issues with online play. Beside the game force closing I've had a few sessions where it gets stuck on the qualifying results page and does not proceed..

30-10-2017, 19:25
Add one more force close to that..

30-10-2017, 19:48
I noticed the servers acted screwy when they were releasing a new update last time. Could be related?

30-10-2017, 20:50
I hope so.. Just had one more lock to the qualifying results again so gave up for today..

30-10-2017, 22:00
I've not found a lobby for days. You should count yourself lucky

31-10-2017, 06:20
I've not found a lobby for days. You should count yourself lucky
Have you cleared your filters?
Press "Y" and set all to any if they are not. There are usually between 8-25 lobbies available, but i'm getting more and more picky about the safety ratings of the lobbies, and i am not brave enough to take on cars classes that i don't know, so there's not always a lobby i can join, but plenty available

31-10-2017, 17:41
Yea I have no filters on.