View Full Version : Stuttering and glitching and still crazy Knockhill

27-10-2017, 07:56
I am still suffering at Knockhill in formula rookie, the last and first corner are impossible to take at some speed.
I finally start the race and now I am getting more difficulties. My tyres start nice and warm but actually gets cold during the race (5 laps race).
Now I was doing reasonably well (not in those two corners where I have to drive like a grandma).
And then in the fourth lap the game acts crazy,suddenly the screen turns static and I hear in the background the race goes on then suddenly the game goes to the place where the sound is (offcourse the race was ruined then) and I had lots of stuttering and when I press restart race the left of the screen is wrong.
I always start the game from fresh btw.
There is also so much tearing I never seen so much is this normal (on Xbox One)?
And last does anyone who play with a controller can replicate this video , especially the first and last corner, it looks like another game(formula rookie, knockhill and with tyres that are not exactly warm). They just don't warm up no matter what I do.

Roger Prynne
27-10-2017, 08:28
Moved to correct forum.
Can you change your Platform to XBOX1 please.