View Full Version : Smoking tyres

28-10-2017, 13:12
Hello everybody,
my problem is that no matter which car Im driving my tyres are constantly smoking. Here is a little Clip with an LMP2 at Spa.
I know my tyres were overheated but I wasnt even struggling for traction. Thats just not realistic. Ive never seen a car smoking like this. Especially not if its going in a straight line. So is this a bug? Are they going to remove it?
Thanks for your help.

29-10-2017, 00:40
How many ai on the track? I’ve found that with more ai the tires get much hotter. For example, on the same track, same conditions and same car with 29 ai my tires can hit 140c after only 2 laps. With 15 ai they sit around 70-80. I’ve even noticed things changing based on what view I’m using. Including some jackhammer effects on my wheel when leavng the pits when in cockpit view that doesnt happen in bonnet view. The cpu’s in the xbox are just waaayyyy over taxed.