View Full Version : fuel load qualifying and race

28-10-2017, 22:04
can any one advice if you can set race and qualifying fuel loads separetley
if yes....... how, mainly for multiplayer. or is the only option to go into tuning on the pre race screen

29-10-2017, 01:25
Well. Yes.
You can save the same tune, name one qualify the other as race. Set your qualify fuel load in qualify save and race load in the race save.
On the ready screen, load your race.

29-10-2017, 08:25
great, thanks for that

29-10-2017, 08:37
For qualifying you can even close the brake vents and the radiator. The car starts to heat in three laps, but within ten minutes of qualifying, I rarely am on the track more than four laps anyway...

When you load your race tuning, don't forget to check tyre temps as it will be different from track to track. And they have a weird way to warm your tires up before the race (you start with like 28 PSI and it comes down to 25 at the end of the race)