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Dynomight Motorsports
28-10-2017, 22:09
So I admit I'm no Michael Schumacher in the rain, but I was running a career race in the GT5 at Silverstone National with some of UK's famous liquid sunshine. I qualified 16th and started in the back. Now the AI is infamously slow so within a 15 min session I had made it up to 4th in about 5 mins. The car was going great but after the 5 min mark the car just became Undrivable on that back stretch area where all the puddles are across the track. I noticed on my PCars Dash App my tires were 89'F but every time I would hit a pedal the FFB on my wheel jerked the car hard either direction and there was even less grip on the rear. The car was completely undrivable. Is there something I should know about rain setups or tires or GT5, or did I experience some kind of bug? Did the Tires just suddenly lose grip. I mean it was almost as if a switch was flipped and the car went to shite.
Please enlighten me so I can learn.

02-11-2017, 09:48
In the career mode there's a Road B + Road C race on Silverstone National under the rain. With either the XJ220S or the McLaren F1, I can barely go straight. Barely. I don't know if it's realistic, though I've been really fast with my motorcycle under the typical Channel rain without issues outside of cornering.

02-11-2017, 19:53
Puddles build up...hydroplaning

Dynomight Motorsports
03-11-2017, 02:44
Puddles build up...hydroplaning

Yeah I see the pooling on the track but there is no way to avoid it and the car is literally undriveable while the AI are whipping by unaffected. Even at low speed the car will not go straight, seems like a bug.

03-11-2017, 03:49
Did you had all weather (or rain) tires at the start of the race?
I noticed that after 3-4 laps on hard tires (even under light rain), tires are generally cooling down and cars become hard to drive.
You need to pit at the good time (or restart the race with correct tires).

04-11-2017, 08:31
I think he refers to the general issue that seem to appear with puddles. Generally I am always using rain tyres and for some car classes puddles and rain are not really a huge deal. You can feel grip in turns being a bit less when going over puddles, but you're not directly hydroplaning. While with other cars, going with 80 km/h over a straight, neither accelerating nor deccelerating, nor turning, the car wants to spin at every puddle. Even with rain tyres. This also happens to cars with rather soft suspensions/lots of ride height, e. g. the KTM or Caterham. I never ever experienced a real life situation where with my road car I had to go slower than 100 km/h due to rain to avoid hydroplaning. If I had to drastically slow down, then because of the vision because you were not able to see more than 20 meters in front of you.

Now I know that public roads are built to have some camber (at least in germany), means that in between the two driving lanes there is the highest point of the road, so the water can flow off to each side so there are no huge puddles appearing. But even on older, very bad and bumpy roads where puddles are appearing already after some light rain, they're not too much of a deal.

Some cars just feels like you're water skiing even at 50 km/h. Especially annoying in the pit lane. On some tracks huge puddles will appear in the pit lane, almost flooding the entire pit lane with one giant puddle. When pitting using some of the cars, I enter the pit lane at 30 km/h and still hydroplane, hit the wall because the car ignores all my steering inputs. There is someting off here.

And also the problem is that while in the real world, if it rains light for days, still no huge puddles will appear because water can flow off the road faster than new water will drop from the sky. So even after days of light rain you don't have puddles every square meter. But in project cars it seems that when there is light rain long enough, you will still get puddles on the track as if there have been a massive thunderstorm for over an hour.

Puddles and rain behavior definitely needs some tweaking...

04-11-2017, 11:03
As I stated, this particular Silverstone event summarize the whole problem. It's like they had one big issue with puddles and decided to make an event with it ! I recently drove under rain with GT3's, standard rain behavior with rain tires, no problem. Maybe it is related with street tires ? Wait, Ginetta both have slick and rain tires, don't they ?

04-11-2017, 11:31
good question... might be the time to run a few tests. :P

04-11-2017, 11:53
I've tried thunder weather under Silverstone National. Both XJ220 and Ginetta GT5.

The puddle issue might have been fixed because I don't have this problem. The car goes straight and if I drive on a puddle, I can counter-steer and it works just fine. And on the main straight, there's like two or three puddles so it's entirely manageable.

The Ginetta has all-weather type of tires. Which may means "street tires". On multiple tracks under bad weather, I've not encountered undriveable behavior from the car. I think the game just selected slick tires under rain condition. You might want to disable the automatic selection.

04-11-2017, 12:41
in career, the gt5 race at silverstone starts you on the wrong tyres, so when the rain starts to pool it becomes undriveable. manually select tyre choice instead of 'auto by weather'.

Dynomight Motorsports
04-11-2017, 16:18
I was running the All Weather tires, even brought up the HUD to verify. I run MPH on my display and I literally could not drive 25 mph on the stretch at Silverstone National after the pooling began. I'm hoping it was just a bug, but it did cost me the championship having to retire because I could not go straight at all.

04-11-2017, 17:02
This is weird... usually the automatic tyre selection is working fine, because if the race starts dry, but forecast says rain us coming up, you get rain tyres from scratch. Using the telemetry hud to double check whether I got rain tyres, which was the case, but still hell a lot of hydroplaning.

Maybe I should run a few tests and see if it is always the same tracks and cars/tyres, and if the problem is changed if you manually pit and put on rain tyres again. Maybe sometimes the game shows rain tyres but in fact it calculates the behaviour of slicks.

Have had the weirdest issues already, including some bug where in a race with manual h shift my car pulled to the left or right under acceleration, switching the direction it pulls to every time I clutch and engage another gear. Left, right, left, right.... drunk mode. :D

06-11-2017, 19:40
I had the same problem in career mode on PS4 with the Ginetta on Silverstone. Yes it has all-weather tyres and I manually selected them but still it felt I drove on ice with slicks. Only after I chose the off-road tyre I could keep the car reasonably straight so maybe try those until it is fixed ;)

06-11-2017, 20:28
Well, I've tried the Silverstone RDB event again, you CANNOT go straight. Under light rain and "Winter" tires. I guess it's a career mode bug under Silverstone.

06-11-2017, 21:27
I raced the Ginetta Jr. career race at Silverstone last night and had the same problem. Rain started with only a few laps to go and water pooled up so quickly that it was almost impossible to get down that straight on the last lap. If the effects of standing water were that severe in real life, they'd have had to red flag that race.

That said, the LiveTrack 3.0 stuff is really cool! I found myself adjusting my line to avoid big puddles. For example there was standing water at the apex of Brooklands so I started running a little wide there to avoid it and there was a huge puddle just before Woodcote that made me turn in late to miss it.