View Full Version : Astra Touring car - Red Bull Ring turn 3, Schlossgold

29-10-2017, 15:32
No matter what I do, I cant get this car to go round turn 3 at a reasonable speed.

It seems stable on corner entry, but then just snaps into a massive oversteer mid corner for no reason, and the only way to go round it without the huge snap is to go at a snails pace.

Although this car can be a bit snappy overall, the car is fairly stable the rest of the circuit, just this one corner makes it throw its legs in the air.

Any setup ideas?

29-10-2017, 17:57
default setup? I tend to brake a bit earlier and start feeding the throttle before the apex by a little IIRC.

But that is a very tricky corner on any car. Even if you can get a setup that suits the situation better I believe you'll always have to adjust your driving and be patient there especially on FWD cars that tend to have lift oversteer (you can ease this with differential coast ramp - look for Jussi's posts) and high aero dependent cars (slow speed and no aero effect make them tricky there too) like the FR3.5

It really is a tricky corner

rich1e I
29-10-2017, 22:10
I used to pick this car on Knockhill and was spinning out quite a lot at T1 at the beginning. Tried a few things but it didn't help. I think the most important thing is getting tyre pressures right, and even if it seems impossible on these flipping Touring Cars try to get some heat in the rear tyres. In the end I managed to get the car stable by increasing front bump stop. It really changed everything for me. What also helps is, as soon as you feel that the rear end starts to step out go on the throttle, that helps stabilize the car again. I think this could work on RBR as well as T1 at Knockhill is a bit trickier. Not sure but I think I increased front ride hight also a little bit.