View Full Version : G25 Pedals not being treated as linear

29-10-2017, 16:48
I just picked up pCARS 2 and a used G25 racing wheel. I have tried cart racing but was always spinning out in the corners upon braking. In looking at the pedal config screen I am noticing my gas and brake are only showing up as on/off (0/100%) and not gradual. I have read through and followed suggestions on setup and such with no luck.

I have loaded up the Forza 7 demo and the pedals work fine, but not in pCARS 2. When I first opened pCARS 2 the gas and brake were not working in the calibrate screen. As a result I manually bound the pedals, but they have only worked as switches (on/off) Any thoughts on how to properly set it up?

29-10-2017, 17:01
Go to edit assignments and reassign your pedals.

29-10-2017, 17:05
I have done this a number of times with no success. I have also restarted (ensuring to depress all pedals while the wheel is limit setting).

Any other thoughts?

I have moved my question over to the pCARS 2 site as it seems more appropriate.

30-10-2017, 00:53
From his other thread:

I found the solution!! Turns out there are issues with this in different games and a program called DXTweak has allowed me to fix it! All I needed to do was set the brake and accelerator back to axis defaults.

Hope this can help others in the future!