View Full Version : Who else leaves a multiplayer race after practice by instict to hit continue?

29-10-2017, 20:41
Basically who else thinks having the option auto selected to leave a multiplayer session immediately after practice or qualifying is poor design? I have left many many games by instinctively hitting X to continue and being rewarded with the main menu screen.

These issues are called Norman Doors when a device doesn't function as it's intended and it's really interesting stuff.

I can't post links yet, so reformat please 99percentinvisible.org/article/norman-doors-dont-know-whether-push-pull-blame-design/

Here's a rad article about it, that hopefully the UI team has some time to check out.

Marc Wieneke
29-10-2017, 20:52
Do you mean the big "Leave event" button in the standings screen while the sessions changes? Oh yeah, I have done this too like you. It is a little bit confusion. I see often people who click this and just want to jump into the next session instead of leaving the server.

But I was more suprised when I hit Backspace too often in the chat window and left the session accidentally.

Same with the right mouse button. Accidentally clicked the right mouse and you have left the server.

I am not a big fan of "do you really really want to do this" modals like in windows but something like this would help a lot to stay calm and do not leave the session again and again. But I have learned my lesson it does not happened to me for a few weeks now.

31-10-2017, 13:55
I've also done this! Also accidentally hitting exit when waiting for a race to start when trying to go to online lobby quickly and mute someone who's mic is annoying.

Please can't we have an are you sure option? I'm more careful now and hopefully avoid but frustrating when forgotten

31-10-2017, 16:26
Yeah i did it once and very nearly did it a second time on my very next race.