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29-10-2017, 21:36
We all know how bad the AI is in this game. One race you're absolutely murdering them by tens of seconds within a few laps, the next you're a good 3 - 5 seconds slower in qualifying, yet you haven't touched the difficulty settings!

I really want to like the career mode in this game but the inconsistencies of the AI - not just between different car classes, tracks and weather conditions but even between qualifying and race, makes it impossible to play without quitting to change the difficulty every race.

What I'd like to know is, WHY are the AI like this? They all (even when there's 17 of them) post times which are within 1 second of each other immediately on first lap and hardly change within the rest of qualifying time. They are much faster in qualifying than in race. They are ridiculously fast in the dry on some tracks and slow in the wet.

I don't think this is down to driver skill inconsistencies or experiences. I genuinely think the AI is fundamentally broken in its design. I'm hoping that a developer 1) acknowledges this fact and 2) can shed some light as to why the AI is like this? I've never come across any racing game where the difficulty was so inconsistent. One would think that a 120-point difficulty slider with 100-point aggression slider may indicate an extremely elaborate and well-through out algorithm for AI difficulty, but that's simply not the case.

I really hope this issue becomes their main priority, as it makes the career mode a chore to play in its current state. But I am curious as to how and why it's so messed up. Does anyone have any theories as to how the AI works and why it's different to other games' AI? Thanks.

29-10-2017, 22:44
SMS is balancing the AI. You should notice a lot of changes with the upcoming patch. However, it takes time. Given the number of permutations PC2 creates with tracks, cars, weather, etc... it takes a lot of testing, tweaking, testing, tweaking back and forth to get it tune. Even then, a change in the AI behavior can throw it all off (i.e. say they increase the AI's ability in braking, they might have to re-tweak most if not all of the tracks with the AI again).

29-10-2017, 22:54
Try the Renault RS01 Trophy. Perfectly balanced IMO (running @100/60).

The main issue for the AI is the advanced weather system. If you wanted a perfectly balanced AI in all conditions you'd have to give it the player's tire model, which is not possible I'm afraid.
There'll be big consistency improvements coming with the next patch already and it won't be the last ones.

P.S.: No, the AI is not fundamentally broken.

Ian Bell
29-10-2017, 23:18
25 threads covered this already. It's been answered multiple times.