View Full Version : I think the Bentley Setups are flipped

30-10-2017, 00:53
So I've been doing some more racing with the SS Super Sonic Land Barge, and I've noticed that the loose and stable setups seemed flipped. The loose setup is actually really stable and driveable for me minus occasional over-steer, but that expected when your driving a 600 horsepower continent around a racetrack. Meanwhile the Stable set up has a lot of lift off oversteer, to the point that the car is completely undriveable for me. It also seems a bit faster down straightaways signalling a low down-force set up.

Also some other things of note, the 2015 car pulls heavily to the left under braking, unless the ABS is set over 90 and I had the wheel shake bug leaving the pit lane in a online race with the 2015 car.