View Full Version : New bug report online Xbx One

30-10-2017, 12:58
Report bug encountered on a 2h online endurance on the daytona road circuit in ligier JSP2 Nissan 11 drivers online. We are 2 players having the same problem at the same time. it remains 35min of race on the 2h, I ask a passage to the stand to refuel. everything goes well, there is annimation in the stands. when the pit crew tells me that I can go back on the track I find myself stuck. inter view, 1st gear engaged, no motor return, and no FFB. impossible to change gears, nor action of the steering wheel to the image. I spend 2 or 3 times through the pause menu, no reaction. presses on all buttons, no reaction, I open the management menu of the car and after a few seconds the image is unlocked and I can get out pits. the player who came in seconds before me had the same problem. but he left the game after 2min of blocking. I found myself stuck more than 3min. At your disposal for more info.