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30-10-2017, 14:40
So, I just joined a qualifying round + race at Nurburgring GP.
Qualified in 3rd, all is well.
Race starts, car feels strange... I check tires, all of a sudden I'm driving on Wets in the sun (no rain entire race).
Also, I set fuel at 50, all of a sudden I was driving with 90.

Note: I do not have 1 setup in my list for Wets, nor do I have a setup that chooses tires automatically for the type of weather.
Also, I do not have any setup with 90 liters.

I'm not sure if this has been reported before, and was wondering if others have experienced the same thing.

30-10-2017, 14:43
make sure to re-load your saved setup before the race session starts.

it has been reported previously.

31-10-2017, 09:42
Sorry for bothering you again :p

How do I work around this? My setups don't seem to stick.
Yesterday I saved my setup, went back into the setup screen to check if it stuck. It didn't, so I saved it again, now using the save to new slot option. Then it stuck.
I went into the race, and all of a sudden I'm driving with the old setup again, even after checking if the setup was still correct, which it was.

31-10-2017, 09:48
The setup system has a few.......let's say.....peculiarities!

31-10-2017, 09:53
I have noticed that xD
How do people work around it though? It's kinda pointless to run with 90kgs of fuel for a 20 minute race, let alone a 5 lap race.

And a question not related to setup bugs, but how do I check how much fuel per lap I use? In PCars1 it said the amount of fuel used per lap in the setup menu, can't seem to find it anywhere in PCars2.