View Full Version : Pit Lane Glitch??? (Video)

30-10-2017, 21:24
Had this issue during a league race this evening.

I had a drive through from jumping the start, but also major damage thanks to someone taking me out. I pitted to presumably do one of these. My pit crew were out so I assumed I'd take the pit stop for damage first, but my pit crew never put me up on the jacks (never did that thing where it sucks you in).

I drove out thinking it would count that as the drive through, but it didn't. So I had to pit 3 times in 3 laps.

Apologises if this has been raised before (I couldn't find anything via search).

30-10-2017, 21:24
I do have a video for this - but it won't let me post it!

30-10-2017, 23:59
What track? Also, you can't pit and serve a drive thru penalty (or at least you shouldn't be able to).